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Family mediation will provide you with positive outcomes by helping you reach agreements and focus on the needs of your children.

The process will usually follow 5 steps from initial contact to resolution. To understand more about each process, see below.

1. Contact us

We will explain how mediation can assist you and your family and answer any questions that you may have.  Most people have never been through a process of separation and/or mediation before, so taking the time to understand the process and where it fits in your separation journey is very important.

2. Invitation

If this is the case, we will make attempts to engage him or her in the process – usually by written invitation and phone calls. If your ex-partner fails to engage in mediation following this formal invitation process, we can issue you with a s60I certificate, which allows you to file an application at court if you wish to do so.  If you and your ex-partner agree to participate in mediation and the specific mediator that you want to use, then no invitation step is required.

3. Preparation for mediation

These are an opportunity for you to discuss your perspective on what has occurred in the past, what is happening currently, and how you view the future. After the intakes, we will continue to work with you so that you are prepared for mediation.  This includes you each being provided with a detailed customised plan for mediation preparation.

4. Joint session mediation

The mediator is neutral and will ensure discussion focuses on what is important. Every family is unique. Your joint mediation will be structured to suit the specific needs of your family, including making sure all feel safe and comfortable. There are several breaks during the mediation, so you will have opportunities to speak individually with the mediator and to grab some fresh air.

5. Agreement

Our clients love having the Mediation Report to refer to following the session and is the perfect way to communicate the agreements to your lawyers if you are considering a legal agreement.

Parenting Agreements

We understand that your children are your world.  When working with you during mediation, your children are our focus too.  All parenting mediations centre on meeting the needs of your children, especially given the challenges they are facing while their parents are separating.

There may be a particular dispute that needs to be resolved (such as choosing your child’s school) or you may need to cover many issues as you and your ex-partner plan the ongoing arrangements for your child following the separation.  We will work with both of you to ensure that your agreement will work in the ‘real world’, by focussing on communication and dispute resolution strategies.

Financial Settlement

Separation is an expensive time, so minimising the costs involved in your financial settlement by reaching a quick and inexpensive agreement at mediation is in both of your interests.

All financial aspects can be discussed at mediation – from how to manage the daily finances immediately following separation, to agreement about the final split of all assets and debts.  Financial settlement can seem overwhelming, especially if you were not involved in the family finances, but we will support you step-by-step through the process.

Financial mediation is best coupled with legal advice from a family lawyer, as your discussions will be most productive once you are both aware of your rights and obligations.

Child Support

It is a legal obligation for parents to financially support their children, however there are many options available as to how this can be done.

During mediation, we can explore the options regarding the amount that will be paid, the collection method, and how the agreement will be structured.

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Payment Structure
We have structured our fees so you know exactly what you will be paying at each stage of the process – no hidden surprises!

If your ex-partner needs to be formally invited into the mediation process, we will make every attempt to engage them. If your ex-partner refuses to participate in mediation, then you will be issued with a s60I certificate.

If you and your ex-partner agree to use Focus Mediation – you can skip this stage!

$440 per person

This includes:

  • your intake appointment (running for 1.5 to 2 hours)
  • detailed, customised suggestions to prepare you for mediation
  • all phone calls, emails and letters required in preparation for the joint session
Joint Session Mediation
$200 per person, per hour

This includes:

  • your mediator facilitating discussions during a joint session mediation
  • the drafting of your agreement into a Mediation Report
  • any follow up calls or emails
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