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At Focus Mediation, we have a team of highly experienced accredited Mediators and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (Family Mediators) ready to assist you and your family.

Our mediators are from a wide range of professional backgrounds, with differing areas of expertise, so you can be confident that your mediator will be the best suited to the needs of your matter.

Whilst most mediations are conducted by one mediator, some families prefer to engage two mediators (usually a male and female mediator) in a ‘co-mediation’ model. This is an option you can discuss further with us when commencing the process.

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Focus Mediation team Emily Robertson

Emily Robertson

Emily Robertson is a family mediator (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner) and family lawyer and is the founder of Focus Mediation.  She has worked exclusively in the family law industry for over 10 years, working both in private practice and as a government lawyer.

Emily decided to focus her professional life on assisting families resolve their disputes through family mediation, after witnessing the vast benefits that her clients gained from reaching agreement rather than engaging in litigation.

Emily draws on her legal knowledge and experience to help guide you towards positive and practical outcomes for you and your family.

Focus Mediation staff Sue Wotton

Sue Wotton

Sue Wotton is a family mediator (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner), clinical supervisor and coach.   Sue has worked as a senior mediator and coach within large mediation organisations and continues to provide training and mentoring to new mediators at the College of Law and the Australian Institute of Relationship Studies.

Sue’s strong child-focus during the entire mediation process ensures that the needs of your child and children are the centrepiece of all discussions.  Sue empowers clients to be forward thinking and positive, while also ensuring agreements are workable for all involved.

“With an experienced mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner facilitating discussion,
you are in a good position to resolve your dispute amicably”

Emily Robertson

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
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